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NO.1 When you want to hang the American flag over the middle of a street, suspend it vertically with
the blue
field, called the union, to the north and east-west street. When the flag is displayed with another
from crossed staffs, the American flag is on the right. Place the staff of the American flag in front of
other staff. Raise the flag quickly and lower it slowly and respectfully. When flying the flag at half-
hoist it to the top of the pole for a moment before lowering it to mid-pole. When flying the American
with banners from states or cities, raise the nation's banner first and lower it last. Never allow the
flag to
touch the ground.
What is the main idea of this passage?
A. The American flag is the symbol of American freedom.
B. The American flag has fifty stars.
C. Placing the American flag inappropriately will draw government intervention.
D. American flag should be flown differently in certain situations. ","The flag should be lowered
and respectfully.
Answer: D

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A. brilliant
B. quick to respond
C. well spoken
D. exceedingly bold
E. exceptional
Answer: A

GRE-Verbal 資格   
The word LACKLUSTER means "lacking luster." Its an tony mlustrous means "brilliant, radiant, or

A. humor
B. affection
C. tranquility
D. happiness
E. impartiality
Answer: B

GRE-Verbal 口コミ   
RANCOR is a "feeling of hostility or antagonism toward another"; affection is a "feeling of fondness

NO.4 Every year since 1986, some of the world's most daring runners have gathered in the desert of
They are there to take part in one of the most difficult races in the world. The Marathon of the Sands,
as it
is called, covers over 125 miles of desert and mountain wilderness. The runners complete the course
fewer than seven days, and they run with their food, clothing, and sleeping bags on their backs. The
Marathon of the Sands was founded in 1986 by Patrick Bauer. His idea was to give the runners, who
come from all over the world, a special kind of adventure. Most of the runners in this race have found
they form deep friendships with the other runners during their days and nights in the desert. Facing
terrible heat and complete exhaustion, they learn much about themselves and each other. For most
of the
runners, though, the challenge of the race is the main reason for coming. On the first day, for
they run fifteen miles across a desert of sand, rocks, and thorny bushes. Few runners finish the day
without blistered and raw feet. They also suffer from a lack of water. (They are allowed less than nine
quarts of water during each day of the race.) Most of all, they are exhausted when they arrive at the
campsite for the night. The second day, the runners are up at 6:00 A. M. Within a few hours, it is 100
degrees F, but the runners do not hesitate. They must cover eighteen miles that day. That night, they
They must be ready for the next day's run. On the third day, the runners must climb giant sand
dunes- the
first they have faced. Dust and sand mix with the runners' sweat. Soon their faces are caked with
After fifteen miles of these conditions, the runners finally reach their next camp. The race continues
this for four more days. The fourth and fifth days are the worst. On the fourth day, the runners pass
through a level stretch and a beautiful, tree-filled oasis, but then, on this and on the next day, they
more than twenty-one miles of rocks and sand dunes. The temperature soars to 125 degrees F, and
runners cannot make it. Helicopters rush fallen runners to medical help. Runners who make it to the
of the fifth day know that the worst is over. On the sixth day, heat and rocks punish the racers
terribly. In
the Valley of Dra, the wind picks up and, as the desert heat is thrust against them with great force,
grow more and more exhausted. The seventh day is the last, with only twelve miles to be covered.
dusty, tired, blistered runners set out at daybreak. Near the finish line, children race along with the
runners, for everybody has caught the excitement. The ones who have run the whole marathon know
have accomplished what most people could not even dream of. "During the hard moments," says on
contestant who has raced here twice, "I'd think, 'Why am I here?' Then I'd realize I was there to find
What is the main idea of this passage?
A. The seventh day is the hardest day of the race.
B. Every runner runs the race to find their human limits.
C. The race causes the strong to stumble and the weak to not finish.
D. The Marathon of the Sands race tests the limits of human endurance.
E. The runners run at their own pace.
Answer: D

人生にはあまりにも多くの変化および未知の誘惑がありますから、まだ若いときに自分自身のために強固な基盤を築くべきです。あなた準備しましたか。JapanCertのAdmission TestのGRE-Verbal 日本語版問題集は最高のトレーニング資料です。IT職員としてのあなたは切迫感を感じましたか。JapanCertを選んだら、成功への扉を開きます。頑張ってください。

あなたはいまAdmission TestのGRE-Verbal 日本語版問題集にどうやって合格できるかということで首を傾けているのですか。Admission TestのGRE-Verbal 日本語版問題集は現在のいろいろなIT認定試験における最も価値のある資格の一つです。ここ数十年間では、インターネット・テクノロジーは世界中の人々の注目を集めているのです。それがもう現代生活の不可欠な一部となりました。その中で、Admission Testの認証資格は広範な国際的な認可を得ました。ですから、IT業界で仕事している皆さんはAdmission Testの認定試験を受験して資格を取得することを通して、彼らの知識やスキルを向上させます。GRE-Verbal 日本語版問題集はAdmission Testの最も重要な試験の一つです。この資格は皆さんに大きな利益をもたらすことができます。

JapanCertの Admission TestのGRE-Verbal 日本語版問題集はJapanCertの実力と豊富な経験を持っているIT専門家が研究したもので、本物のAdmission TestのGRE-Verbal 日本語版問題集とほぼ同じです。それを利用したら、君のAdmission TestのGRE-Verbal 日本語版問題集に合格するのは問題ありません。もしJapanCertの学習教材を購入した後、どんな問題があれば、或いは試験に不合格になる場合は、私たちが全額返金することを保証いたします。JapanCertを信じて、私たちは君のそばにいるから。

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